The Mountain pose

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Mountain Pose Yoga is a common pose in every form of yoga. All the standing poses in yoga originate from this pose.

Stand straight with your spine erect. Place your toes together but your heels slightly apart. Slowly spread your toes and lift the heels of your feet away from the ground. Balance your body weight evenly on your toes.  This may be difficult if you have just started yoga, but you will learn it with time.  Bring the heels back to their resting position. Practice this a few times until you are able to balance your body weight evenly on your toes without rocking or swaying.

yoga mountain pose The Mountain pose

Mountain Pose Yoga

Lift your knees and tighten your thighs. Stretch the inner ankles and feel energy flowing through your legs towards the groin and then through your torso, neck and the crown of your head. Keep your belly loose at all times whilst practicing this asana.

Spread your shoulder blades into your back widen your collar blades and slowly raise the arms into the air and join your palms together. Stretch the arms as far as possible into the air towards the ceiling.

Keep your spine and upper body erect and your head exactly in line with your pelvis. Breathe normally while performing this pose.

Stay in this position for 30-60 seconds and repeat from start at least twice.

Benefits of the mountain pose

This pose improves posture by helping you align your body perfectly.

It tones the muscles in the abdomen and the buttocks.

It provides strength and stamina. Apart from the general strength and stamina it also strengthens the legs and the spine.

It is the first balancing exercise that can ever be performed.

Therapeutic benefits: Fights sciatica and flat feet

If you are a beginner you can start to practice balancing on this pose by keeping your feet shoulder width apart. As you learn to balance you can reduce the distance between your feet gradually.

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