Monkey King Chief Pose

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The monkey pose is an intermediate to advance pose. It requires a lot of flexibility in the body.

Kneel down on the floor with your knees hip width apart. Lift one leg up(right leg) and rest the foot on the floor (it should seem like you are getting up from the kneeling position). Lean forward and press your fingertips on the floor for support.

monkey Monkey King Chief Pose

Monkey Pose Yoga

Slowly extend the right leg by crawling it on the floor, a little further away from your body. Now start sliding your left leg backwards behind you. Try and slide your right leg forward at the same time.

The heel of the front leg (in this case the right one) should be touching the ground and the front part of the foot of the back leg (in this case the left one) should be resting on the floor. The knee of the right leg should be facing straight upwards.

Now come to a resting position, ensure you are completely relaxed. Slowly raise your hands up into the air and join the palms together over your head. Extend them far beyond your head without bending at the elbows. This will also cause your torso to bend backward causing an abdominal stretch.

Relax in this position for at least 30 seconds. Breathe normally and release by bringing your hands down and slowly fold your legs at the knees and come to a squatting position.

Benefits of the monkey king chief pose

  • This pose stretches the thighs, legs and hamstrings
  • It also stretches the groins
  • Stimulates the uterus and the abdomen

Therapeutically it fights sciatica and back pain.

As a beginner if you are finding it difficult to stretch evenly or flat across the floor, you can use a bolster for support or even use benches for support.

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